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Export Promotion

Apart from supporting the inflow of investments, IDAL is also responsible as per its mandate, to assist in the support, promotion and marketing of Lebanese products, in particular, agricultural products and materials used in the agro-industry in Lebanon, as well as Lebanese agro industrial products.


The export promotion services are:

  • Providing data on export markets and potential export opportunities 
  • Supporting companies in accessing external markets
  • Providing technical assistance to exporters in selected fields 
  • Subsidizing participation in foreign fairs


Two programs AGRI PLUS and AGRO MAP were put in place by IDAL in that regard, providing financial and non-financial support to both sectors, successfully supporting in boosting trade of agriculture and agro industrial produces.


The Agriculture sector generates around 4.7% of Lebanon’s GDPIt is an important employer, with around 100,000 household members benefiting from agriculture production and proceeds. In 2009, the sector had an estimated workforce representing 6.3% of the Lebanese total workforce. Given its socio-economic importance and given Lebanon’s competitive advantages with a vast arable land and suitable climate, ensuring the sector sustainability and growth is a national priority. In addition, exports of agricultural products have been on the rise over the last couple of years, driven by increasing demand from Gulf countries for fresh produces.


The Move from "EXPORT PLUS" to "AGRI PLUS"

In 2001, IDAL put in place the “Export Plus” Program to support exporters in the marketing of their agricultural products in regional and international markets. This support came in the form of direct cash subsidies to cover a portion of exporters transport cost. In 2011, with the program coming to an end and with the government decision to move away from direct subsidy to providing support to programs that would boost productivity and quality in line with the World Trade Organization (WTO) requirements, a Ministerial Committee was formed to recommend a new form of support to the agriculture sector.


As a result, the new "AGRI PLUS" program was developed and consists of four key components:

  • Production Streamlining: provide exporters with the adequate training to improve quality of production and foster the growth of new products that meet regional and international demand
  • Packaging Improvement: support exporters in improving packaging and cooling centers to meet international norms of quality
  • Marketing & Promotion: promote the sector regionally and internationally in addition to providing the needed technical and financial support for exporters to participate in food fairs
  • Financial Support: to cover a portion of the packaging cost of exporters 

Medium-Term Program Objectives

  • Increase the volume of Lebanese agricultural exports and contribute to the export of the excess production
  • Support exporters in maintaining their presence in traditional markets
  • Support exporters in accessing new markets
  • Increase buyers confidence in Lebanese products in both traditional and new markets
  • Improve the technical and managerial skills of both producers and exporters
  • Disseminate information related to market needs and trends amongst stakeholders


Please check our Agriculture Exporters Directory. This directory provides you with basic information on the major fruits and vegetables exporters in Lebanon that registered in IDAL’s Agri Plus program in 2012 – 2013.


The Agrofood sector is a major contributor to the Lebanese economy. In 2011, it generated an estimated 26.3 % of the industrial sector output and around 2.2% of the country’s GDP, based on National Accounts estimates. The sector possesses significant employment generation potential. It currently has an estimated workforce of 20,607, and accounts for 25% of the Industrial sector workforce.


Exports of Agrofood products account for 12.5% of total industrial exports, and have been growing at a rate of 31.7% from 2011 until 2014.


Lebanese products benefit from a high quality and competitive price which have enabled their entry in markets across the world. However with increasing competition for high quality products, challenges for accessing new markets and increasing share in existing markets remain high.


Providing support to Agrofood exporters has been of paramount importance for the various governments and which have materialized into the formalization of a program of support, the AGRO MAP PROGRAM.



As part of its mandate to promote the Agrofood sector, IDAL signed in 2004 a protocol agreement with the Syndicate of Lebanese Food industrialists (SLFI) the “Agro Map Program”.


Key Objectives

  • Provide Agrofood exporters with the opportunity to market their products in international fairs
  • Introduce Lebanese products and market to foreign investors and buyers
  • Introduce local producers to latest technology and increase awareness on external regional competition
  • Increase the export potential of  existing exporters and provide the opportunity for non-exporting companies to access new markets 


Main Beneficiaries
The program directly targets exporters of Agrofood products registered at Syndicate of Lebanese Food Industrialists. Producers who are not members of the SLFI cannot benefit from IDAL’s support.  

Modus Operandi
IDAL covers a portion of the cost incurred by exporters / exhibitors mainly those related to rental costs, construction of Lebanese stand/ booth, and marketing materials.

The support is directly provided to the Syndicate which then reimburses participants on the agreed amount.


Supported Fairs

The AGRO MAP program mainly hinges on subsidizing the participation in international and regional food fairs like Gulf Food, SIAL, Fancy Food Show and others, considered to be the most imported platforms for Agrofood Producers to showcase their products.


Please check our Agrofood Exporters Directory. This directory provides you with basic information on the major agrofood exporters in Lebanon.

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