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Economic Profile


GDP at current prices (USD billion) 49.9
Real GDP Growth 2.0%
GDP/Capita (current USD) 11,067
Average Inflation Rate 1.9%
Exchange Rate (LBP per USD)  -
Trade Balance (USD million) -17,181
Current Account Balance (% of GDP)  -24.9%
Balance of Payments  (USD million) -1,408
Gross Public Debt (% of GDP) 140.1%
Fiscal Deficit (% of GDP | 2013) 6.2% 
FDI Inflows (USD billion) 2.83
Unemployment Rate (avg. %) 13%

Source: IMF, Ministry of Economy and Trade, Ministry of Finance, UNCTAD, CAS, ABL, ESCWA

Lebanon at a Glance